1. A very popular topic among enthusiasts of paranormal phenomena both then and now has been the supposed existence of unexplained powers of the human mind to directly interact with the world outside the human head. Called ‘psychic’ powers, so many abilities have been attributed to this conjectured capability of the human mind that by the 1970’s it had become standard practice to ‘explain’ any new topics of paranormal phenomena as being caused somehow by these powers... thus, what was originally called "Bloodless Surgery" was soon renamed in the United States as "Psychic Surgery".
  2. One healer was particularly successful at attracting Americans because he managed to hire a publicist in Chicago to line up patients.
  3. A similar view was expressed by an AMA investigator when he stated what he thought of a particularly well-known American faith healer: "She’s been known to cure sickness or ailments of psychosomatic origin but nothing physical"… which was to say, she didn’t cure anything important or real.

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