Michael Harrison [?-?]

Fire From Heaven, by Michael Harrison

Type: False Historian
Relevant Bibliography:

  • Fire From Heaven, 1976
  • Vanishings, 1981

Fun Fact: No one really seems to know anything about Michael Harrison, which greatly implies it's a fake name; and though the well-known author Maurice Desmond Rohan [1907-1991] used a pseudonym of "Michael Harrison," none of his books are studies of the paranormal... so he doesn't seem to be the right Michael Harrison.

In 1976 Michael Harrison published the first full length book that was completely on the topic of Spontaneous Human Combustion, which for the first time gathered together most of the incidents of the past that had been attributed to this strange form of death... and, for many people, Harrison's book became the beginning point for further study and research on the topic.

        Unfortunately, many of those past cases had been long shown to not be caused by spontaneous human combustion; but Harrison fixed that by re-writing details about the cases that made them mysterious all over again... he changed the known facts in reporting the cases to a new generation of people who thought everything Harrison printed was authoritative and fact checked. New 'researchers' of spontaneous human combustion, as well as magazines, TV shows, and other books, have been repeating his altered stories as if they were true ever since!

        Below is the list of Michael Harrison's questionable accounts that are in Anomalies.

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