1945 (ca.) EXTRA: Classic Zombie Movie Makeup!

So here's one of those fun things you run across unexpectedly when doing research on a topic: I had no idea that the lumbering, glassy eyed movie zombies of the 1930's~1950's actually had a specialized makeup done for them, just as did vampires, Frankenstein's monster, and wolfmen! The following pictures are from "Making Up the Monsters," an article from a 1945 issue of Popular Mechanics:

Makeup 1

The makeup starts with the actor's upper face being covered by a rubber mask...

Makeup 2

Then the eyes are detailed in, to get the signature no-blink gaze. The finished makeup can be seen in the lower right corner of the image below!


Freaky! Compare this to the actor from I Walked with a Zombie shown on the main Zombie page (and below)...

I Walked witha Zombie

To read the whole article from the 1945 Popular Mechanics issue, and see how some of the others monsters were made, Click Here!

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