Animal Planet Mockumentaries [2008-2014]

Animal Planet Logo

Type: False Historian, Storyteller
Relevant Videography:

  • Lost Tapes, 2008-2010
  • Mermaids: The Body Found, 2012
  • Mermaids: The New Evidence, 2013
  • Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, 2014

Fun Fact: It's always fun when a network with a reputation for fact based programming decides to present a non-factual program with no warning!

In 2007, the History Channel lauched a show called Monster Quest, each episode of which explored the evidence and reports attached to a monster legend somewhere in the world. The show became quite popular, and many other stations churned out variations on the theme... but Animal Planet outdid them all by throwing off one minor requirement that made finding good topics difficult: They chose to simply make up stories rather than look for real ones.

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