Abatwa: Notes

  1. A Natural History of the Unnatural World claims to be a presentation of notes and evidence for strange beings and animals worldwide compiled from the archives of the Cryptozoological Society of London. No such society exists... which is good, because judging from this book they clearly know very little about the monsters they theoretically wrote about!
  2. This is a short list of websites and books that I've found repeating either the Wikipedia summary or the Encyclopedia of Things that Never Were summary of the new Abatwa legend:
    • 2004: Click or Treat! (Quotes from now defunct website)
    • 2004: Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones
    • 2005: A Mythological Reference
    • 2006: Vampire Universe
    • 2008: Monstropedia
    • 2008: Abatwa (a fictional adventure novel based on the new legend)
    • 2009: A Healing Grove
    • 2010: Magick 7 website
    • 2013: Llewelyn - Magick of Fairies
  3. Some of the variations introduced to the second version of the legend include:
    • The entire species (of Abatwa) ride into villages on a single horse; this is considered a bad sign.
    • Humans learned cooperative hunting from watching them. Abatwa can also be kindly guides and advisors.
    • If a human steals an animal killed by an Umutwa, then the Abatwa will, as a group, take the thief's child.
    • If a child sees an Umutwa, it's good luck for the day.
    • If a sick person sees three Abatwa side-by-side, it's a portent of doom.
    • If a pregnant woman sees an Umutwa, her child will be the same gender of the Umutwa (which assumes for female Abatwa).