2015, April 21: Google’s Nessie Photo

On April 21, 2015, Google announced to the world that it had sent its 'Street View' cameras to Loch Ness, in Scotland, to create a virtual tourist spot. Now viewers in Google Earth or Street View have the ability to visit the mysterious loch, and not only see high quality images of the area and surface, but also dive under the waves as well; Google hired divers to take shots from under the surface of the loch!

        Now, while everyone involved in the project was mindful of the story of the possible existence of a large unknown creature in the loch (affectionately nicknamed "Nessie"), no one expected to see it during the creation of the Streetview tour images.

Streetview Shot from Google Maps

Then this was found in one of the shots.


        Granted, it looks more like a log than a lake monster, so the picture itself is not proof that anything unusual is living in the loch; but it does seem to confirm the going belief of many people that pictures like this tend to only show up when the photographer is neither looking nor trying... implying that if there is something unusual in the loch, it probably has a sense of humor.

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