2012: Teleport Girl

In 2012, three strange videos were posted to YouTube that appeared to show a person using superhuman powers - superspeed, telekinesis (moving objects without touching them) and teleportation (instantly disappearing from one place and reappearing in another). The videos were originally posted from China, and quickly went viral as people speculated what they were seeing... most people leaning to guesses relating to superheroes, aliens, time travel, and, possibly, angelic interference. It was under the title of 'Angel Saves Man' that the first of these was shown to me in 2014 by my sister-in-law; and, because I'm me, I went digging to find out more.

Teleport Girl

        Long story short: they were promo videos for a multi-player role playing game released in China in 2012. The game, Zhu Xian 2 (released in English as Jade Dynasty), featured the character below, Dragon Totem Girl, as one of the leads... and a careful examination of all three videos will show that the chosen logo for this character appears in each.

Dragon Totem Girl

        Which all points up a basic problem: thanks to the ability of most newer computers to allow users to make their own videos and edit their own pictures, video and photographic evidence found anonymously on the internet has a high probability of being faked... but due to the popularity of sites like YouTube that encourage people to post what is implied to be personal and true footage, there is a large number of people who won't at first suspect a fake. It's much the same situation that existed around the turn of the 20th century, when photography was new enough that faked "spirit" photos were readily accepted as real by most people. Oh well... at least, in this case, it was an honest mistake caused by a language barrier.

Well, for however long they exist, you can watch the videos that started the debate below.

Video 1: Teleportation Saves the Day

Video 2: Teleportation and Superspeed on Display

Video 3: Grocery Store Telekinetics

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