2005: Bat Fairy

In October 2015, the website Phantoms & Monsters posted up an unusual story they had received a few years earlier from a fan of the site identified as "J.F." [Link Here]. According to J.F., during the summer of 2005 he and his girlfriend were part of a group of seven or eight people hanging out at a friend's parent's house in Chicora, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It was a quiet evening, and the group was not using any recreational drugs nor were drinking heavy... in short, they were not doing anything that could be construed as causing hallucinations.

        The house was set in a thick wooded area, and the group had watched the sun go down from the house's back deck; it was around ten at night and, other than the spotlight shining onto the deck, it was pitch black out. During a lull in conversation, the group heard a 'tink' noise coming from the many flower pots and plants that were sitting on the deck under the spotlight. Suspecting a woodland animal had snuck into the plants, everyone looked over to see what critter was moving near the pots.

        As they turned, something shot up into the air from the pots. The first impression J.F. had of the creature was that it was either an enormous moth or a large bat... but its wings were wrapped around its body, not stretched open, and it had a human-like head with with very long, pointy ears!

Chicora 'Fairy'
Sketch of the creature by 'J.F.' [Used with permission - Picture source here]

It reached the top of its leap right in front of the spotlight, and hung a moment; then the wings burst open to reveal a small, humanoid female body about one foot in height with butterfly-shaped membranous wings stretching from where the fingers should be down to the toes, attached to the side of the body between both points. Though the creature's body blocked the light from the spotlight, the membrane of the wings was thin enough to allow the glow of the light to penetrate it, highlighting the veins in that structure for all to see. It also appeared to be covered by something that looked like tiny white hairs, and had an overall soft greenish glow around it's whole body.

        After this opening of the wings, the creature still hung in the air -- for an estimated 1 to 1.3 seconds total -- without falling... then, depite it's apparent size and biological structure, it fluttered like a butterfly across the porch, crossing four feet above the table all were sitting at, and above their heads, until it reached past the light of the spotlight and disappeared into the dark woods. The creature was observed for about a total of seven to ten seconds from first appearance, to its last visibility. After the initial shock wore off, everyone agreed there was really only one description they agreed on for what they saw... it must have been a fairy.

Did it have a face?

        The image and story are pretty much all we have on this account, and while the drawing shows no face it's possible that -- between distance and the creature being backlit by a spotlight -- that J.F. simply didn't see any facial detail, and therefore didn't draw it. I would interpret the image as being more his attempt to display the overall shape of the 'fairy', rather than a specific detail by detail rendering.

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