1958: The Dyhrenfurth Yeti Evidence

The Legend: 

In 1958, Dr. Norman Dyhrenfurth, an American scientist in Katmandu, Nepal, announced he had evidence showing that the "yeti" of the Himalayas (a legendary race of wildmen) is a "very low grade of human or near human creatures."

        Dr. Dyhrenfurth claimed to have explored caves that the beasts had inhabited and to have culled a variety of physical evidence from these environments, most notably hair samples (silver-gray and reddish-brown), plaster casts of footprints, and food scraps. He stated his findings indicated the possibility of two different species of yeti, one maturing at a height of eight feet tall, and the other at a mere four feet tall.


        My initial source for this account is Frank Edwards 1959 book, Starnger Than Science... and it has to be noted that he mis-spelled Dyhrenfurth's name as 'Dyrenfurth' (missing the first 'h'). This mistake has been repeated by a number of books since, which by default shows they got their information from Edward's book no matter what else they may claim.

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