1939~1945: German Troops encounter Norwegian Mountain Troll

The following photograph is said to show a German Panzer division engaging a Norwegian Mountain Troll sometime in World War 2 [1939-1945]:

Norwegian Mountain Troll?
A Norwegian Mountain Troll? [Larger version here]

...but it doesn't. This image appears to have appeared on the internet sometime around February 2017, but was quickly recognized for what it is... a fake.

        The body of the troll is taken from promotional materials for a 2010 Norwegian film called Troll Hunter, and in fact the chosen figure was featured on most of the movie's posters.

Troll Hunter!
It's a good movie, by the way! [Picture source here]

Few copies of the photograph appeared to have spread before it's origins were revealed, and many of those shares have since been removed... so tracking this picture to it's starting point is difficult. There is, however, one likely clue.

        A Pinterest pin of the photograph by user 'Bruce Dix' has the following description: "A German Panzer division engage a Norwegian Mountain Troll World War 2 - Lucy Reynolds Art". Lucy Reynolds Art's pages -- they changed home a few times -- used to include many photos altered to contain fantastic and dark elements, very similar to the photograph at the top; having said that, I must admit that I cannot find any further evidence linking the Lucy Reynolds Art page, or anyone else, to the creation of this photograph. But Lucy Reynolds Art remains a primary suspect for another reason; they have been implicated in the creation of a very similar troll image... follow the 'See Also' link below for more details.

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