1934: The Bashful Image of Gayatri

The Legend:

While investigating the Temple of Old Mahableshwar in 1934, M. Paul Dare (then news editor for The Times of India) ran across a statue of the four-faced goddess, Gayatri. Dare and his companion, Mr. Vishnu Karandikar (a scholar and Brahman) both set up their cameras to take pictures of the unusual statue. A local Brahman priest, who saw what they were up to, approached them and simply stated "You won't be able to photograph that idol." Ignoring this odd statement, Dare and Karandikar each took mutiples shots of the idol.

        When the film from both cameras were developed, the wall against which the idol stood was perfectly clear... but there was no statue in the pictures.

        Both men went back to ask the Brahman they had met about this strange occurrence. The Brahman explained that Dare himself would simply have no chance to photograph the idol, but that Karandikar might since he, too, was a Brahman; but he would have to perform a certain magical rite first for the possibility of a photograph working. Karandikar performed the ritual, took the new picture, and this time the idol was clearly visible in it.

Under Investigation

        This is just the initial note on this account; it is definitely marked to be investigated further when time and resources allow.