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1922, September 5 (pre): Toads Rain Down for Two Days

The Legend:

On September 5, 1922, a newspaper called the London Daily News reported that for two days little toads showered down upon the town of Chalone-sur-Saone, France.

More Sources, Please!

        The first publication of this incident that I can find is Charles Fort's book, LO!, published in 1931. Strangely, given the direct reference to a newspaper and date, I still can't find more. A search for the town using french for 'toad' only brings up a reference (in French) to Fort's book!

        So in this case, I'll have to send a few emails and letters off to Chalone-sur-Saone to see if they have any record of this event... which will take awhile. I'll also keep digging for the article stated by Fort as his original source.