1922, September 5 (pre): Toads Rain Down for Two Days

The Legend:

On September 5, 1922, a newspaper called the London Daily News reported that for two days little toads showered down upon the town of Chalone-sur-Saone, France.

More Sources, Please!

        The first publication of this incident that I can find is Charles Fort's book, LO!, published in 1931. Strangely, given the direct reference to a newspaper and date, I still can't find more. A search for the town using french for 'toad' only brings up a reference (in French) to Fort's book!

        So in this case, I'll have to send a few emails and letters off to Chalone-sur-Saone to see if they have any record of this event... which will take awhile. I'll also keep digging for the article stated by Fort as his original source. Usual fun.