1917, May (pre): Waldo L. McAtee's Evidence

In the introduction to an article about falls of organic matter from the sky published in the May 1917 issue of Monthly Weather Review, Waldo L. McAtee mentions three accounts of these strange falls that convinced him the topic was worth looking into, for they were attested by two people he absolutely trusted... his father and his friend.

        McAtee's friend was Mr. A.N. Caudell, of the United States Bureau of Entomology, who related two personal experiences with strange showers. When Caudell was living in Oklahoma, after a brief shower during an otherwise hot and dry period, he discovered numerous earthworms on the seat of an open buggy in the yard. This event in turn reminded Caudell's mother of an event that happened years earlier at their former home in Indiana, when a live minnow was found after a rain in the hollow of a chopping block.

        McAtee's father had been out in a rain in North Dakota some years previous to the writing of McAtee's article; upon going indoors, he discovered several earthworms on the brim of his hat.

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