1913, May: Tiny Green Death

One May morning in 1913, 12-year-old Silbie Latham and his brothers Sid and Clyde saw something very strange indeed. They were chopping cotton on their family's farm 2-1/2 miles west of Farmerville, Texas, when the dogs -- Bob and Fox -- started barking frantically, the sort of noise that made it clear they were upset by something. The boys went to investigate; the dogs were only about fifty to seventy-five feet away, on the other side of a picket fence.

        When they arrived, they saw what the dogs were barking at... a small man, only about 18 inches tall, and a smooth green color all over. He appeared to have a hat on similar to a rounded sombrero, and his arms hung at his sides as if they were attached there. He didn't seem to be wearing any separate article of clothing, but looked like his entire exterior was sort of a green rubbery material, like a rubber suit which included the hat. Right after the boys arrived, the dogs attcked the little man and tore him to pieces, spraying red blood and human-like organs everywhere.

        Unable to cope with the whole matter, the boys retreated to their work; the dogs stayed near them the rest of the day, as if frightened. They checked the spot a couple of times and saw the remains laying there; and they later told their parents what they had seen, but they weren't taken seriously. By the next day, the remains and all evidence of the little man - bloodstains and all - was gone as if he'd never been there.

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