1897, June 30: Hay Seen Taken and Dropped on the Same Day...?

On Wednesday, June 30, 1897, two remarkable events occurred within three miles of each other in North Essex, England. First off at the town of Halstead, Mr. Joseph Last, haybinder, and twelve other workers in a hayfield at Nether Priors watched with great amazement as a whirlwind took up a large quantity of hay and carried it out of sight. Mr. Last sent the story to the Essex County Chronicle (implying a source which I'll have to find -- Garth).

        Also on the same day, hay was seen to shower down over Belchamp St. Paul, about three miles North of Halstead. For some minutes, individual bits up to great clumps of hay drifted down upon trees, shrubs, and houses in the area. Not surprisingly, many people claimed the events were related; that the hay from Halstead was obviously the hay that showered upon Belchamp St. Paul. But the sources also state that the hay at Halstead was sucked up at noon, and the hay at Belchamp St. Paul rained down at eleven in the morning. In short, the hay fell at Belchamp St. Paul one hour before the hay was sucked up at Halstead!

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