1890: A Giant in Japan

In 2007, a strange video surfaced on the internet. It was very short, and claimed to have been filmed in 1890 in Japan... and it showed a giant walking in a parade with normal Japanese citizens. Here's a still from the film:

A Giant in Japan
A Japanese Giant? [Picture source here]

        Since the film clip appeared on the internet, it has been shared many, many times on video websites as proof of giants... specifically, the creature in the footage is called a 'Nephilim,' which is the name of a race of giants mentioned in the Holy Bible, a sacred book that is the foundation of many European and American religions.

        The original 'Nephilim' in the Bible were a race of giants who were only mentioned twice in passing in the book... so, other than they were giants that lived a long time ago, no other details are actually known. The name 'Nephilim,' however, has become a catch-all name used for any possible ancient giant being by a number of people who not only believe that giants actually existed in the past, but that modern scientists and archaeologists are covering up the fact with a false history... which is something I will address when I see any actual evidence to support such an idea.

        So, in this case, despite the giant being identified as appearing in Japan, it is still being labeled as a "Nephilim" by true believers, and hailed as proof of the cover-up of the existence of giants.

        Except it's not... and, in fact, it's already well-known and reported where this strange clip came from.

Credit where Credit is Due

        I first ran across the clip in 2017, when it was being paraded around YouTube with a variety of intriguing titles:

  • "Giant Japanese warrior - Nephilim, just like Goliath in the Bible"
  • "'Top Secret Video' ... Giant in Japan"

... and so I went digging. But not too far, because it turned out that this particular topic had already been well investigated by a gentleman named Dan Evon, who looked into the video for Snopes [Link Here] (Thank You, Mr. Evon!). He most definitely found the source of the video, which explains everything.

        "Big Man Japan" is an action/comedy parody of Japan's 'Kaiju' movies -- movies featuring giant monsters -- which was released in Japan in 2007... the same year the video of the Japanese giant started to circulate on the internet. All of the footage being used to claim a giant was in Japan in 1890 comes from the first few minutes of the film, which is establishing background story for the rest of the movie. This also solves one other problem I had with the "real giant" video; it explains how a film claimed to be from 1890 could possible be so crisp and clean.

Once Again, 2023...

        In doing a double-check of this article in October of 2023, I found that most of the YouTube videos of this matter had since been pulled down... and that a new version of the video had been posted to Facebook's Reels as recently as March 8, 2023, making all the same old claims of being 'proof of real giants.' I suspect we'll keep seeing this clip turn up for a very long time to come!

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