1890: A Giant in Japan

In 2007, a strange video surfaced on the internet. It was very short, and claimed to have been filmed in 1890 in Japan... and it showed a giant walking in a parade with normal Japanese citizens. Here's a still from the film:

A Giant in Japan
A Japanese Giant? [Picture source here] ... and here's the clip itself:

Since it appeared on the internet, the film has been shared many, many times on video websites. Many of those shares are by websites that claim the video is proof of giants called 'Nephilim' mentioned in the Bible, a sacred book of many European and American religions... which seems an odd thing for a video from Japan to become.

Credit where Credit is Due

        I was going to do my ususal dig on this matter, but quickly discovered that someone else already has. In this case, the whole matter was resolved by Dan Evon who investigated the video for Snopes [Link Here] (Thank You, Mr. Evon!). He most definitely found the source of the video, which explains everything.

        "Big Man Japan" was released in Japan in 2007... the same year the video of the Japanese giant started to circulate on the internet. All of which does solve one other problem; it explains how a film said to be from 1890 could possible be so clear.

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