1660: A Fairy Recruits a Human Mid-Wife

In 1671 a man named 'Pet. Rahm' (at least that's how he signed the document) wrote about an odd interaction his wife had with some unexpected neighbors in 1660.

        One night as he and his wife sat talking, a little man opened the door and asked the Rahm's wife to come and assist his own wife, who was in the pains of labour. The little man was small, of a dark complexion, and wore gray clothes... and, understanding that this must be a 'troll' or 'vettar' (i.e. 'little person' of fairy lore), and that such beings can cause great trouble when upset, it was decided that the wife would go with him.

        The man read prayers over his wife, then she grabbed some old leather or cloth, and followed the little man out. Sometime later she returned, and stated that she and the little man had walked to the front gate, after which she felt as if she was carried by the wind for some time. Next she became aware of being in a room, and in a dark chamber attached to the room she found the little man's wife. After a short time she helped to deliver a child "in the manner of humans," and was then offered some food, which she refused. The little man thanked her and walked her out, whereupon the wind carried her back to the gate again... she returned home around ten at night.

       The next day some silver spoons (or vessals -- it's hard to translate) were found on a shelf while the wife was cleaning; it was assumed it was left by the little man.

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