Turner Street Scare (sources)

  • "The Mystery of Springheel Jack," by J. Vyner, article in FATE Magazine, October 1961 [reprinted from Flying Saucer Review, May-June 1961]. Pgs. 27-33
  • Spring-Heeled Jack: To Victorian Bugaboo from Suburban Ghost, by Mike Dash, 2010 website. Online at: http://www.mikedash.com/extras/forteana/shj-about/shj-paper-1

The actual source to try and find (from Dash): The Morning Herald 27 Feb 1838. This incident has been consistently sensationalized as well as misdated, and is generally supposed to be the last of Jack’s three ‘classic’ 1838 visitations. See Fortean Studies 3 (1996) p.55n for an elucidation of this point.

Five days after the Alsop Attack.