Roi de Rats found in Strasbourg, France, September 1683

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An illustration of a rat king found in Strasbourg, France in 1683. The image above comes from a magazine published in 1854... and the partial image below is the original from the 1683. A brief comparison shows the picture above is a new re-draw of the older image.

The image above comes from the Magasin Pittoresque of January 1854, found online in the Google Books website [Link Here].

Mercure Galent Picture

The original illustration of the rat king of Strasboug published in the Mercure Galant in 1683. Part of this image was lost into the folds of the book it was published in... and perhaps the same problem led the 1854 magazine above to get a new illustration that filled in the missing area.

This copy of the image comes from the Mercure Galant of September 1683, found online at the BnF Gallica website [Link Here].