Clarita Villanueva held during Invisible Attacks, 1953

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This photo show 18-year-old Clarita Villanueva being held during one of her claimed attacks by invisible biting spirits. The photo was published in the Barrier Miner, newspaper of Broken Hill, Australia, on May 28, 1953 [Link Here], and was accompanied by this short article:

"Dracula Girl"

WRITHING UNDER a "vampire" attack. Clarita Villanueva, 18, of Manila (Philippines), is watched anxiously by the city's mayor (with glasses) as she is held by a police doctor and a nurse. For the past 17 days since she was gaoled (and later acquitted) on a vagrancy charge, mysterious teeth marks have appeared on the girl's arms during her struggles with the invisible "vampire." Two Government doctors say the marks are the result of an attack of hysterical fugue, a nervous complaint.

United Press picture.

A higher quality close-up of Villanueva's face was featured in an article from the Truth, newspaper of Sydney, Australia, on May 24, 1953 [Link Here].

Clarita Villanueva