Web Blogs & Forums: Strange and Paranormal Reports

        The following accounts all have either a blog or a forum on the internet as their point of origin... which often means that the actual person who wrote the account is unknown, using only a website username, and that it is impossible in most cases to actually confirm the events in the report. However, just like reports from older book and newspaper sources which can no longer be checked against living witnesses, these accounts still stand as examples of paranormal beliefs; and, ultimately, it's up to each individual to decide if one of these accounts is true or not.

        Do note: instead of trying to catalog every paranormal report ever made in a blog or forum - which would be pretty much impossible - the accounts I will generally add to Anomalies are ones that have gone on to be repeated by sources outside of the original website, such as books, newspapers, and TV, or that have grown to have an internet fame that surpasses just the one website's posting.