Cryptozoology: the Hunt for Unknown or Forgotten Animals

The belief in unknown and undiscovered animals has existed for a very long time, as evidenced by mankind's fascination with dragons, unicorns, and dinosaurs. The serious study of the fauna of earth, "Zoology" as it came to be known, was first established in the 1500's, and has since catalogued all familiar -- and quite a few unfamiliar -- animals on our planet.

        Here enters Cryptozoology, literally translated as "the study of hidden and unknown life." Cryotozoology differs from Zoology in that it is generally interested in the investigation of evidence for a variety of large animals that are either presently unknown to science or are presumed extinct.

        In more recent times, however, Cyptozoology has been characterized by popular media as the semi-scientific pursuit of not just unknown animals, but of monsters; either as populations of unknown semi-unreal creatures, or as the chase of one-off reported creatures of fantastic nature. Many Cryptozoologists have responded to this media attention by spending their time attempting to explain such fantastic reports away; so they attempt to explain what people were mistaking for dragons in the past, rather than asking if there were indeed dragons... so the whole field is a bit of a confusion at the moment.

       Nevertheless, below is the list of Anomalies articles that feature claims of evidence for a variety of as yet unknown animals.