1920 (pre): Dr. Iturricha’s Presentation

The Legend:

Sometime previous to 1920, when a record of the event was published, Dr. Augustin Iturricha presented three strange autopsy reports to the Anthropological Society of Sucre, Bolivia. The histories had been taken from the records of the clinic run by Dr. Iturricha's friend, Dr. Nicholas Ortiz.

        Case 1: A normal boy of twelve to fourteen years of age, whose autopsy revealed "a large abscess involving the whole cerebellum, part of the brain and the protuberance."

        Case 2: A young agricultural laborer, age eighteen, who had "three communicating abscesses, each as large as a tangerine orange," in both the cerebral hemispheres and the cerebellum of his brain.

        Case 3: A native man forty-five years of age, who had a large abscess occupying nearly the whole left of his cerebral hemisphere.

        What roused Iturricha's interests in these three cases was the fact that each of these people showed absolutely no signs of mental distress or difficulty, despite having conditions that essentially cut off half or more of their brains. Each functioned as normally as anyone else right up to their deaths; so much so, that Case 2 asked to leave the hospital so he could settle his private affairs, and died upon returning.

       How did these men manage to think?

Under Investigation

        This is only the first notice of this account, and more information will be added as I dig up more.

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