2017, June 30: His Wife's Keeper

It would seem safe to assume that Allan and Margaret Dunn's relatives never visited them in their condominium in the Sun City Center senior community in the state of Florida, USA. Because after Allan's death in 2010, it was discovered that his wife's body was stuffed in a freezer in their home, and had apparently been in the freezer since 2002, when she died... but Allan didn't mention that to anyone.

        Sinister though this all sounds, Mr. Dunn's reasons for not telling anyone his wife was dead were practical; he continued to collect his wife's Social Security benefits for the remaining eight years of his life, because no one knew she was dead. In the eight years, he collected a sum total of $92,088 that he wasn't legally entitled to. under the circumstances, his relatives -- who clearly didn't visit -- couldn't argue when it was stated that the condominium, being the only asset of value in Dunn's name, was to be put up for sale to recoup as much of the lost money as possible.

        After the proceeds from the sale were used to pay back taxes, sales costs, and amounts owed to the condominium association, the amount that went back to the United States government was $15,743.14... which was only a fraction of what Mr. dunn got, but it's too late to get it from him now. The final statements on this unusual situation were published by the Department of Justice on June 30, 2017; and I, for one, will be suspicious of anyone elderly buying an oversized freezer from now on!

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