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1963: Woman Witnesses Cattle Multilations

While investigating the sightings of UFO related incidents in the Point Pleasant area of Ohio, USA, in 1967, John Keel interviewed a woman who had witnessed many strange things... most notably, however, is that her farm was one of the first to suffer from the growing plague of cattle multilations.

        Large steers and cows were being found on her farm dead and missing body parts that made no sense for a predator or a thief to take -- brains, eyeballs, udders, and internal organs. Police investigated, but found nothing; and, apparently, they laughed at her when she told them about the people she saw doing the mutilations. Keel didn't laugh. She described the culprits as tall men wearing white coveralls who could leap over a high fence from a standing start. She had gone after them with a shotgun on several occassions, but they always got away.