1955, August 15~19: Mounted Deer’s Head Sheds Tears

The Legend:

On August 15, 1955, a stuffed deer's head hanging on Mrs. Rose Adonelfi's wall at her home in Coney Island, began to cry. The mounted head was that of a deer her son, Basil, had shot in October 1954 in Canada, and it continued to shed tears for four days with no obvious explanation, and stopped as suddenly as it started. Of the hundreds of visitors that came to Mrs. Adonelfi's home to see the strange site, one or two tasted the tears and affirmed they were salty, "like human tears."

        When questioned, the taxidermist -- Milton J. Hoffman -- could only state that he prepared the head like he had done all the rest in his twenty years of practice, with glass eyes and a plaster stuffing. There was no reason anything in its makeup should produced the effect of tears.

Please Note

        This account of weirdness is lifted from an old FATE Magazine, with the general claim it was circulating in papers at the time... I've not been able to find proof of this yet.