1936, February 20: Jeffery Derosier’s Mirror

The Legend:

On February 20, 1936, Jeffery Derosier lay dying in the War Memorial Hospital at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, USA. It was a small room with four other patients in it; Derosier was being attended by a nurse, and asked for a mirror that was on the table near his bed.

        After staring into the mirror a short time, Derosier threw it back onto the table while exclaiming: "My God, I'm dying!" For a long while, the room was silent... then Derosier said something very odd. "You won't be able to pick up that mirror."

        Five minutes later, Jeffery Derosier lay dead.

        Some time after Derosier's body was removed from the room, one of the other patients, Harvey Davenport, reached for the mirror on the table. It wouldn't move.

        This curiosity was pointed out, and next a nurse tried... but the mirror still wouldn't move. Next Derosier's doctor, Dr. F. J. Moloney, tried to budge the mirror and couldn't. Soon nurses, doctors, and patients from different wards were all trying to lift or move the mirror, with a variety of tools (including an ice pick). Still the mirror stayed in place. Soon, local newspapers and the Associated Press were running stories about the nonmobile mirror.

        Finally, and surprisingly, the mirror flew several feet up into the air and then dropped to the floor while a nurse named Adeline Knoop was trying to get a fingernail under the edge of it. It was immediately taken up and examined, but no form of adhesive could be found, and the table surface was dry and clean with no unusual aspects. When placed on the table, the mirror did not stick, no matter what was tried.

        The mirror had resisted all attempts to move it for at least a twenty-four hour period, and there was no indication of how it could have happened... so, not surprisingly perhaps, it was soon 'accidentally' broken and thrown out by a nurse named Grace Fleming, and the story quietly forgotten.

Under Investigation

        This is just the initial note on this account; it is definitely marked to be investigated further when time and resources allow.