1891, December 6: Dead Woman’s Face in New Albany Window

The Legend:

On December 2, 1891, Mrs. Sophia Scharf died in her home in New Albany, Indiana, USA. Her funeral was held three days later, and the day after that -- December 6 -- Mrs. Scharf's daughter-in-law was startled to see the dead woman's face looking at her from one of the front windows of the house! The image was somehow in the glass of the window, and for one week it was clear and distinct... then it vanished.

        A few weeks later the image returned to the window, starting dimly and then becoming more and more distinct. It was undoubtedly an image of the deceased Mrs. Scharf, as friends and family all examined it... and various attempts to scrub or clean the image away all failed. A son of Mrs. Scharf's who had to travel from California and who had missed the funeral arrived shortly after, took a handkerchief and simply wiped the image off the glass; it never returned.


Under Investigation

        This is just the first note on this account, and more information will be added as I find it.