1844: Gold Thread in Ancient Rock

The Legend:

According to an article in the Times of London, June 22, 1844, men quarrying rock near Tweed, England, discovered a gold thread embedded in stone about eight feet down. The thread, once removed from the stone, was sent to the offices of a local newspaper called the Kelso Chronicle.


        Charles Fort has two conflicting reputations... first, that he always had valid newspaper sources for everything he reported; second, that he often reported the wrong date of the papers and/or misrepresented what the newspapers actually said. So, while interesting, nothing from Fort can be trusted at face value.

        So for this reason, this account is marked as 'Unreliable' until I can dig up more on the two newspaper references Fort quoted... he first attributed the account above to the Times of London for June 22, 1844, and then implied that the Times got the story from a more local paper called the Kelso Chronicle. I'll see what I can turn up.

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